contemporary / jazz / experimental / electronic

The man. Imagine this: Eastern Europe native, trained in classical piano from the age of seven, winner of a long list of classical music prizes, runaway student, self-trained as a composer and on-stage entertainer. Living now in Berlin.

The composition. Creativity is making the complicated simple. My music code is open to decipher when you have in mind one basic premise. P i a n o i s p e r c u s s i o n.
The music design creates a paradox. You’re listening to classical piano sound but at the same time you have the feeling of listening electronic music as well. This is why I love my experiments in mixing acoustic and electronic.

The performance. It’s a blend of long trained technical skills and a fine-tuned scale of dynamics. It will have pianissimo and forte, calmness and frenzy all together. Captivating people is a gift and I use it by instinct whenever I’m on that stage filled with emotional kilowatts.