piano sessions

My works are sequences of moving sounds teasing you to overlap your own stories, thoughts and daydreams.

I was recording in a concert room and a random person was listening what I was playing in that moment, mostly improvisation stuff. I recorded this with a pickup and live effects from Ableton. It was for the first time when I was playing this track. I created this dreamy sensation trip in that moment, for that person who was just standing there and listening to “my self-expression”. Maybe we where travelling in the same direction, I don’t know, maybe if i knew her name I would have put Für before the name of the track, but I don’t. So I name it Crystal. Yes, I like to be personal, I want to stay on the same twig with you, because this is the best part where we can meet each other, through my musical language.

band projects

Classic Beat Orchestra was my first project. I got the chance to establish a band from scratch, to put on the whole concept, to choose the instruments, the musicians and most important to compose.
In 2013 Classic Beat Orchestra released the album, Finger trips.
What you have here in this album are classically trained musicians allowing themselves to differently feel the classical harmonies, to rearrange and create music through their own 21st century lens. Piano, violin, cello and drums are the means of travel on a road that moves back and forth, between the past and present time.