To create is to resist.

After our astonishment, and in order to overcome the violence of the situation, it was necessary to unite, to feel that we were alive, to emancipate ourselves from the news that shears through our days. Very quickly, our desire to act became apparent. Which underpinned a feeling of urgency to follow up our first compilation ‘Music Activists’ released in 2018 which brought together lullabies for a suffering planet.Today, the planet is still mistreated and we are accelerated life that endangers creation and artists.

The value of creation

We are all actors in this new world, and we must revaluate the scale by which we measure the value of creation, currently ravaged by the imposed digital model. No, music is not a decorative element that a brain reaction is enough to alternate. It is the fruit of human memory, rich in differences, sometimes a painful learning process, a palimpsest of emotions, anger and love, risk-taking and encounters.. As said by David Byrne «music can help us cross deserts.» Who can say what we would resist without it? For that, we need artists to invent it and passionate teams to help make it blossom. It’s time, now that the tours have been stopped in their tracks, to consider the abnormality that has been developing since the start of the death of the CD format domination: the time to listen, and the number of people listening to music, is rising exponentially everywhere, but the income for its authors and producers is melting as fast as Antarctica. We regret that we do not have our ‘credits,’ as they do for films: this is one of the roles of the vinyl cover, to list the names and functions of all the actors involved with the process. Maybe you have ignored that if you have grown up through this digitised music world, but the energy needed to create and distribute a musical works still exists.

Constructors of imagination

All of us together are implicated in innovation, and the emergence and advancement of diversity . Otherwise there can be no varying rhythms, no memories, no discoveries, no new flavours. Said well by physicist, Aurélien Barrau: ‘rewriting a new mythology and working on symbols is the most important thing because many of our actions are implemented not for what they are but to buy the other’s gaze.’