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Ebb and Flow Music
We live in a fast paced world which values hard work and success. And that’s all fine, but what if we could also
value introspection, daydreaming, time with ourselves and doing nothing? It’s an art of doing nothing. But we’re
all Artists at this, because I don’t know one person who tried and failed at it. One should only try.

Rosia Montana Goldmine

While visiting Romania’s mountain side between my concerts this summer, I ended up staying a couple of nights at Rosia Montana, booking an Airbnb house. The owner asked me if I could give a concert the next day for their community. I simply love this kind of situation when people are welcoming with open arms and I can share with them a part of my musical journey. Rosia Montana is the largest gold mine from Europe and after so many protests in the major cities of Romania, the local community managed to stop the Canadian corporation Gabriel Resources taking its project further. The project involved the resettlement and relocation of 1800 people, the controversial cyanide leaching method. Basically 38 percent of Rosia Montana commune area was to be affected.I want to send all my love to the people that were fighting for so many years for this situation.”🌌