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Ancient Future Vinyl

The EP anchors itself on the organic juxtaposition of traditional elements, like piano bits and long-winding pads, and futuristic soundscapes. Starting off with a suspenseful, eerie combination of pads and bass lines, it leads you on through an airy section, only to end up in complete contraposition.

“Recall” exhibits a dynamic playfulness of instruments, the arrangement materializing into a complex narrative that takes you on a whimsical quest, with enigmatic piano excerpts and colorful percussions. Ambient delayed textures add up to the overall feel of the track, making it a multifaceted composition.

“Momentum” is more introspective and takes its inspiration from the name itself. As the force that keeps something in motion, the track’s entire concept is built on balance. The piano motif with its distinct sound, mellow bass grooves, and intricate rhythm sections all fuse together to create a laid-back frame of mind. Purchase

September 17, 2019

Indoors Album

Indoors”, despite the title, is an album to listen outdoors because it embraces all our visceral feelings that life pushes us towards to. In every track, different layers of melodies embark us on journeys that define the rhythm of a day of each one of us. From sunrise to sunset, every second, every moment, every fraction in Mischa Blanos’ music finds an answer or a beat that can describe it. Exploring our scattered and frenetic era is a tough task, but yet, even though his young age, Mischa finds himself comfortable in directing us in this hectic composition that is life. “Chatting In 21st Century”, based on Bach, questions our ability to connect without words but with images and icons. “Am Wired” tries to pierce the bubble of glass behind our phones and their cameras, in which we hide in a vertiginous abyss. “Habits” is a melancholic ballad of all the regrets and the “what if” that we left behind us.

But as in 24 hours, there is light and there is darkness, “Indoors”, in the same way, also reminds us of our humanity and its tender beautiful fragility as in the after-love of “Two Sugar Cubes” or in the melodic piano “Forebodings”, both tracks that leave us with a sense of peaceful restored faith and desire to experience life. A desire that drags us until the last bits of a sunrise either in solitude as in “Pillow Talk” or in a party on Hamburg rooftops’ as in “Hammock On The Roof”. Purchase

September 20, 2019

Piano Day in Paris at Lafayette Anticipations.

How many keys has a piano? 88, at least most of them. And maybe it wouldn’t have been something to remember if not for Nils Frahm, who started some years ago a successful event. Each year, the Piano Day starts on the 88th day of the year throughout the world. I’ll do my part in celebrating the piano in Paris. Happy b-day, mysterious creature, and to all people who love you!

March 26, 2019