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Farewell, Adrian Enescu!

Your devotion to all beautiful sounds, your kindness and openness to new music and young musicians as myself will remain with me for a long time.
Take a one hour voyage guided by a Romanian electronic music pioneer and contemporary composer. Have listen here

New Project Amorf

Blending Light Album

To all good music seekers. I am happy to announce Amorf, a new acoustic-electronic project with Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia from Amphia Records.

While following a normal catalog order, the Live Series is a parallel line of releases that will bring to fruition more acoustic-electronic crossbreeds as well as other sonic experiments; each release will also benefit from a special type of artworks Blending Light is the first in the series and it’s also Amorf’s debut, a collaborative project connecting three musical minds and exploring he converging areas between acoustics and electronics, neoclassicism & techno.

Release date : 03 Jul 2017 Purchase