New Project Amorf

Blending Light Album

To all good music seekers. I am happy to announce Amorf, a new acoustic-electronic project with Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia from Amphia Records.

While following a normal catalog order, the Live Series is a parallel line of releases that will bring to fruition more acoustic-electronic crossbreeds as well as other sonic experiments; each release will also benefit from a special type of artworks Blending Light is the first in the series and it’s also Amorf’s debut, a collaborative project connecting three musical minds and exploring he converging areas between acoustics and electronics, neoclassicism & techno.

Release date : 03 Jul 2017 Purchase

InFiné Music #Explorer 3

Explorer3 InfineMusic
Explorer3 Stoic Dance

New compilation from Infiné Music , #Explorer3, is being released and I’m proud to be on the track list with the piece Stoic dance. This compilation is one hell of a ride throughout the world. Pakistan, China, Argentina, Germany, France, all these and more other countries have their own representatives choosing to tell a story for the ears and mind. It’s a great deal of effort they put into it. Scanning, searching the unexplored areas of internet and discovering these emerging artists is simply a gift.

Have a listen, buy and share this beautiful sonic journey, #Explorer3 curated by InFine Music

Bucharest is changing

There are loads of emotions when I perform home. Here are my friends and family, people whom I grew up with and people who helped me grow. And I found out new people willing to help me grow further, just by opening up to my work.

Blanos Control Club

The solo piano project took form in Germany and I couldn’t help wonder if it resonates with the Romanian audience. And it does. I felt welcomed. Thank you, people of Bucharest.


How a music pioneer in the 60s/70s introduced my work

Electronic music pioneer and contemporary composer, Adrian Enescu, listened the Piano Session and gave his review. Thank you, maestro. I feel honored.

Adrian Enescu
Adrian Enescu


“Winter has come but outside it’s still warm. The sky is blue and bright. I received a video from a young pianist. He lives in Berlin. His name is Mischa Blanos and title of his work is “Piano Session in D Moll” .

With a lot of enthusiasm in my heart and prepared to be surprised I start to watch the session. After few minutes of audition I was impressed. The show starts with Mischa in light ray cone in front of his piano. He plays Few sounds like a signal .”So here I am” he said it seems to me. Yes , I can hear you. Loud and clear. And the musical journey starts. I feel like I’m crossing a known labyrinth .Paradoxically, music is a very abstract thing but It has the power to tell stories and spread subliminal messages. I believe in stories. Ok I know you cannot touch it, but you can feel it body and soul. Are you prepared ?. So ladies and gents Mischa , Mischa Blanos the composer and the pianoman . Enjoy!”

Berlin artist Aleka Manolas talks about her journey after listening piano session in d moll

“Mischa has a very special way to play piano, the sounds seem to come to him, he captures what’s inside – lights, rhythms, colors, perceptions, sensations, associations, he silently talks to the sounds.

The magic dialogue becomes by his hands a sound-journey for us,to enjoy, we can travel relating on his imagination, on his rhythm,and unfold our own imagination along the road. A great pianist, more and more developing his personal style by his creative sound researches.Thanks to him!

Please go ahead Mischa!”  by Aleka Manolas 

Aleka Manolas talks about piano session
Aleka Manolas


From a fan with love

“Poetry. What I just listened for almost one hour is just poetry. I heard Mischa’s talent since I was just a child and he keeps surprising me. This neoclassical electric chaos is absolutely unbelievable! The way he can combine tehno music with piano is totally unique! As I said, I listened to pure art, creativity, feelings, happiness in the most craziest way and it was f*cking amazing! All my respect,Mischa! I’m totally your fan, I will definitely come to see you live in Berlin! Big up! ” by Ana Bianca

mischa blanos piano session
piano session in d moll

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

…winked at me Leonardo da Vinci. I choose to agree. The man was right. My audience from the Tasso concert last week really enjoyed the acoustic version of my music. And for me was a challenge to deliver the same concept and atmosphere using only the same old beloved instrument, pianoforte. This is the review writted by Anouck Nox from Tasso. Thank you for having me.

Mischa Blanos piano session
Mischa blanos

“Mischa Blanos played last Tuesday in Tasso for an acoustic version of his music. Just one man and one piano, but thousands notes on a crazy rhythm. Mischa Blanos knows how to show the strength of this classical instrument, thanks to the special connection he seems to have with it. The complete audience was bewitched. The regulars and newcomers, all left the place with a special smile. That particular smile that says I’ve done something good tonight. With this acoustic concert, we experienced the power of simplicity. Can’t wait to see the artist with more keyboards”

Piano sessions: a sensory experience

What do books and music have in common? I could think about loads of things, but this time the connection was me and Raum B. Performing among books was a first for me and it was like borrowing their lives to blend them into my music and create something new. Great experience for me and for those who attended, as Raum B says in the after concert review. Thank you for having me!

piano session
Raum B piano session

„Those who could not attend Mischa Blanos’ concert on Saturday missed a great experiment!. A musical shock you could not resist.
As he explained to his audience, he normally plays on a “real” piano. However he managed to widespread the strength of his music with his keyboard and his computer. Great sounds! Powerful and inviting to take off from the planet earth to reach the parallel universe he is creating with his notes.
He composes a contemporary music that breaks the invisible wall of inaccessibility some people can expect when thinking of (classical) piano’s music. His music is something you can not resist. You can not help catching, hanging on every note he is creating. The tempo is taking on you: deep, full of life and contrasts, it is a moment you have to live. Jazzy, experimental… who knows! His music is just powerful and impossible to classify! It is his music! ”