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Ampedsounds report on Geckos



Joiryder is making his statement about the piece Geckos on the independent music magazine ampedsounds.com. Here’s the full article for you to enjoy as much as I did.

The very talented Mischa Blanos has created a near-masterful composition with “Geckos.” Eastern European trained classical pianist Blanos has loads of his talents to share through his music, and it shines here on this song. There are a few slight missteps, but they do not take away from the creativity and passion of this very well-composed piece of music.
Blanos’ piano playing is very passionate throughout the composition. You can hear the emotion and meaning through the stroking of the ivory keys. It’s not easy to create music like this, but Blanos makes it feel effortless. It’s easy to lose yourself in the music, and to try and imagine the geckos that inspired this song running around near Blanos’ piano. One thing that kind of confused me is the background noise of a voice or voices that can be heard behind the piano music. I am not sure if this was due to poor sound quality and background noise was picked up in the recording by mistake, or if it was meant to be part of the song. I am hoping that it was not really meant to be part of the song because the voices are a bit distracting and out of place. Also, the song has a darker feel to it, which to me is the opposite of what geckos make me feel like. Geckos seem to be more of a happy, playful creature, not a dark or moody one. So there is a slight disconnect between the actual music and the title of the song. But those two things are just tiny criticisms. The song is still enjoyable, and Blanos is a phenomenal piano player and composer.
“Geckos” is a showcase for Blanos’ talent and passion. It’s obvious that he knows what makes a good musical composition. With some slight improvements, there is nothing standing in the way of Blanos’ success!

Source: http://ampedsounds.com/beats/mischa-blanos-geckos/