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From a fan with love

“Poetry. What I just listened for almost one hour is just poetry. I heard Mischa’s talent since I was just a child and he keeps surprising me. This neoclassical electric chaos is absolutely unbelievable! The way he can combine tehno music with piano is totally unique! As I said, I listened to pure art, creativity, feelings, happiness in the most craziest way and it was f*cking amazing! All my respect,Mischa! I’m totally your fan, I will definitely come to see you live in Berlin! Big up! ” by Ana Bianca

mischa blanos piano session
piano session in d moll

A blog review for the piece Geckos



My latest piece of work, Geckos seems like is getting attention and is being praised by unexpected people. I got emails and comments with lots of thumbs up for the creative rhythm borrowed from jazz improvisation, fast finger technique I use and the particular atmosphere that this tune creates. And a really nice surprise came from gripemachine who reviewed this piece in a nutshell but so honest. He also is wondering where the noise is coming from in the record. Oh yes, the noise is coming from the mechanics of the piano, as he correctly assumes, but also from my voice. I tend to be one with the music I make, so I let my feelings flow and with them yelling or moaning just burst. Being compared to Chilly Gonzales but in the same time admitting my own particular style as a musician was nice too.

Thank you for this review.


Geckos in the 405


The 405 magazine is “the” magazine if you want to discover new sounds, new artists, new music. Whether is unconventional, experimental or mainstream music, they are inexhaustible in finding and presenting – simply put – good music. They found me too.
Here’s the New Music Dispatch where my piece Geckos is mentioned. The Geckos will surely get you home.