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Piano sessions: a sensory experience

What do books and music have in common? I could think about loads of things, but this time the connection was me and Raum B. Performing among books was a first for me and it was like borrowing their lives to blend them into my music and create something new. Great experience for me and for those who attended, as Raum B says in the after concert review. Thank you for having me!

piano session
Raum B piano session

„Those who could not attend Mischa Blanos’ concert on Saturday missed a great experiment!. A musical shock you could not resist.
As he explained to his audience, he normally plays on a “real” piano. However he managed to widespread the strength of his music with his keyboard and his computer. Great sounds! Powerful and inviting to take off from the planet earth to reach the parallel universe he is creating with his notes.
He composes a contemporary music that breaks the invisible wall of inaccessibility some people can expect when thinking of (classical) piano’s music. His music is something you can not resist. You can not help catching, hanging on every note he is creating. The tempo is taking on you: deep, full of life and contrasts, it is a moment you have to live. Jazzy, experimental… who knows! His music is just powerful and impossible to classify! It is his music! ”

Source: http://www.raumb-berlin.com/en/3602-mischa-blanos-piano-concert-a-sensory-experience